What is our goal?

Our goal is two fold:

To create fantasy props for tabletop campaigns. “Building so that worlds can be built”

Our second goal is to educate and facilitate peoples ability to build their own worlds. To create tutorials and more to make the hobby more accessible. We also aim to open a workshop that will be open to others as a place to build and learn. We hope to encourage people in our community to be able to have access to the resources they need.

Modern and Traditional
We combine robotics with old school crafting.
Environment Friendly
Endeavouring to always minimise our environmental footprint.
Wholehearted Design
Creating is our passion and we put our all in to it.
Fresh Beginnings
We’re new, but not inexperienced. We have big plans.
Local Supplier
As long as you consider Melbourne “Local”.
Community Focused
We will be involving the community as much as possible.

Thank you for being with us all this time.

Most important events in our company history.
We started our business, designing and prototyping models
Finished prototyping and development of ‘magic wand’, a unique synergy of fantasy and robotics.
Began streaming and doing tutorials on making props
First workshop set up. This workshop’s goal is to act as a prototyping station for PdsWorkshop as well as be available as a place for people to learn and/or build themselves.
Who knows?

We are excited to announce that we have a COUNTDOWN TIMER! This timer will eventually be used for a Kickstarter to rise funding for our latest product.
Be the part of this amazing project and help our new product to be born.

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This is the brown bar…
Sorry if the website is a mess, this is all being worked on by one guy who is a father of twins who has other jobs as well.