Have you got the urge to make something but you don’t know what?
Or do you just want to test your skills?
Or are you really just here because you want the reward and prestige?

Whatever the case… Welcome to the Challenges page!

Some initial information:

  • These challenges have no time limit. Once a challenge is issued, it will remain.
  • Some challenges will have multiple tiers, meaning higher prestige.
  • These challenges are only ‘minimum requirements’. If you wish to add to your entry, feel free to. As long as the challenge is completed everything is good.
  • Once a challenge has been completed successfully (full description of requirements will be below) your name and link to your project will be added to the “Winners Wall”. Feel free to host your project on your own site or it can be hosted here if you prefer.
  • Alongside these permanent challenges, keep an eye out for mega-challenges where difficulty will be ramped up, the reward will be ramped up and only the most impressive entry will walk away with the win.

Submission requirements:

  1. The entirety of the challenge must be met as described.
  2. When submitting the completed challenge (through video) a timestamp and reference to must be clearly visible at least once while showing it working.

Ok, now that that stuff is out of the way… Here are the challenges!

Control 64 LEDs at once

  • How it is accomplished doesn’t matter.
  • LEDs are not statically ‘on’ or ‘off’.
  • In video, all LEDs must change between on and off (Not at the same time, while some are on, some must be off).

Control 64 LEDs at once 2.0

  • As above, however they create patterns depending on a single user input. For example: chasing light, writing an inputted word etc.
  • In video, user input must be shown as well as the LEDs.


Unicycle robot

  • A robot that can balance and move forwards and backwards on a single wheel without assistance.
  • In video, must show robot moving forwards and backwards. Doesn’t matter if it starts from stationary.

Unicycle robot 2.0

  • As above, however is also able to turn left and right.
  • In video, must show robot complete a square or circle in addition to forwards and reverse.

More challenges will be added as I think of them or as people suggest them.